Quran [8:30]

Wednesday was planned. From the start until the end. The only thing that wasn’t anticipated were the casual, yet meaningful conversations I had with some people. I always seem to have these talks with most: when there is an impactful exchange of opinions but in a lighthearted, tolerant manner – such that it is enlightening but also easily digestible. I was glad – this added to my Continue reading “Quran [8:30]”


The Friday Post #9

Disclaimer: I realise its a Saturday. Don’t point out the obvious, we all make mistakes.

HELLO, Friday. It’s been a while.

Although the original purpose of Continue reading “The Friday Post #9”

The Friday Post #8 – Nutella Sponge Cake

With all the sweetness enveloping our three-day Eid celebration just last week, I assumed I’d hit the pause button, because there was already a plan in place to Continue reading “The Friday Post #8 – Nutella Sponge Cake”

The Friday Post #7

Hello you guyssss. If you’re reading this, then we’ve officially reached the final Continue reading “The Friday Post #7”

The Friday Post #5

FriYAY! Normally I jump right into it but I don’t know why I’m kinda pumped about today. Maybe it’s got something to do with the pasta and brownies I’ll be making later? (we try to be healthy, I promise). Get your doodh patti (milk tea for my non-desi people) and lets get on with it shall we? Continue reading “The Friday Post #5”

The FRIDAY Post #4

A bit of a rollercoaster week, this one. Started off terribly but ended alright. The weather is getting worse day by day – summer has officially begun its awful tirade. I wonder what it’d be like living Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #4”