22 Things I Learnt In 22 Years

A friend told me that you’re now 22, but please stay “Forever 21” as we were exiting out of the very same shop. Lulz I know, pagal dost hai. Anyway! – I don’t usually do things like these (case in point: I’ve been nominated by Continue reading “22 Things I Learnt In 22 Years”



I remember my first steps into Islam – my Islam. I can never dismiss, let alone forget, that period in my life – the despair, the feeling of being completely lost, the need to press the restart button in my life. I quite literally felt I was being Continue reading “Reiteration”

The Friday Post #7

Hello you guyssss. If you’re reading this, then we’ve officially reached the final Continue reading “The Friday Post #7”

REVIEW: Behind Picket Fences by Hend Hegazi

Some of us are in constant, demoralising comparison of our genuine adversity with others’ projected reality.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Islamic Fiction

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