Balance has never been my strong suit. It is something I feel I’ll be chasing my entire life – but sometimes I wonder, am I really setting out to achieve the achievable? Do people really ever live a balanced (mental) lifestyle? Or is this a mere illusion, more for your sake than mine, to make yourself feel like you really have got everything put together? Continue reading “Immersion”


Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)

For a long time, I debated on how best to start this post. I couldn’t precisely think what to post out of the blue. It’s more prudent to begin this way – and I also owe it to my loyal readers (and new ones! Hi & thank you, dil se). I was on an unplanned Continue reading “Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)”

5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab

Stereotypical assumptions are very common, and I’ve had the luxury of knowing some of the ones people have had about me pre and post hijab. I actually quite like Continue reading “5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab”

The Friday Post #6

Hello! *insert a jump, skip, an enthusiastic wave and a big grin* This is typically how I greet people after spotting them from a distance. I’ve missed writing these posts! I hope everyone’s doing well and that your Ramadan prep is going strong.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 things that made my week stand out: Continue reading “The Friday Post #6”

The FRIDAY Post #2

Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #2”

A Woman’s Choice Is Not An Option

Whenever we come across situations where bigotry, discrimination, or any form of injustice towards minorities is present, we are usually quick to say that the people that hold these thoughts are Continue reading “A Woman’s Choice Is Not An Option”

The FRIDAY Post #1

A bit unusual for me to be starting this on my blog, but I was like, whatevs I might as well give this a shot (for as long as it works). This weekly post will consist of a list of a few things that I’ve been doing/things that I’ve been loving/something small that made a difference. (Apologies in advance if it seems that my happiness is derived from food. That may or may not be true). Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #1”


When I was a child, we had huge family birthday celebrations. I thoroughly enjoy poring over albums and all the precious memories they contain. I believe this was, in part, due to the fact that my cousin and I are birthday twins and Continue reading “Birthdays”

5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read

Reading is a cultivated habit, and I have been reading since I was a child. My mom drove my interest, having been a voracious reader herself. I loved my school’s library and I was a massive book hoarder. My own personal collection has reduced now, as I have parted ways with many of my books with a heavy heart Continue reading “5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read”

An Outsider’s Impression of a Hijabi

In my short foray into the corporate world, where people of all ethnicities and religions attempt to co-exist, I discovered the various impressions an outsider (a non Muslim) holds of a hijabi.* This is my personal experience and I’m sure it differs for all, depending on the environment we surround ourselves with. One of the things is that you are automatically viewed as a Continue reading “An Outsider’s Impression of a Hijabi”