I clicked on the Write button on the header before my impulse to at least get a couple of words in before I really start to feel the painful hunger pangs that will push me to prepare breakfast. This impulse, just FYI, has been egged on by months of mentally pushing myself to post anything. I mean like. I love this. The act of writing to share, to understand, to release, to reflect – with the little community I’ve got on here. I don’t even have a good excuse, honestly. It is valid, sure – I let my Continue reading “Unpause”


Twenty seventeen

If there’s one thing I struggle a lot with, it’s juggling between the guilt of beginning a new post after a long gap without preamble or trying to explain my absence in a plausible way. With each passing day, the struggle is greater as I sit to accumulate my thoughts in a coherent manner. Truth is, I’m still finding a Continue reading “Twenty seventeen”

Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)

For a long time, I debated on how best to start this post. I couldn’t precisely think what to post out of the blue. It’s more prudent to begin this way – and I also owe it to my loyal readers (and new ones! Hi & thank you, dil se). I was on an unplanned Continue reading “Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)”

7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block

Whether it’s an assignment for university, a blog post, or answering the “Why should we hire you?” question in your cover letter (without giving into the urge of stating the obvious “Because you’re hiring and I need the money?!), we’ve all experienced this. Continue reading “7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block”

Social Media Facade

Yeah, I rolled my eyes at myself when I decided Continue reading “Social Media Facade”