Twenty seventeen

If there’s one thing I struggle a lot with, it’s juggling between the guilt of beginning a new post after a long gap without preamble or trying to explain my absence in a plausible way. With each passing day, the struggle is greater as I sit to accumulate my thoughts in a coherent manner. Truth is, I’m still finding a Continue reading “Twenty seventeen”


Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)

For a long time, I debated on how best to start this post. I couldn’t precisely think what to post out of the blue. It’s more prudent to begin this way – and I also owe it to my loyal readers (and new ones! Hi & thank you, dil se). I was on an unplanned Continue reading “Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)”

7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block

Whether it’s an assignment for university, a blog post, or answering the “Why should we hire you?” question in your cover letter (without giving into the urge of stating the obvious “Because you’re hiring and I need the money?!), we’ve all experienced this. Continue reading “7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block”

Social Media Facade

Yeah, I rolled my eyes at myself when I decided Continue reading “Social Media Facade”