My voice trembles as I feel the first signs of tears coming on. My heart is too heavy with the emotion it carries and it spills forth the only way it knows how – through my eyes. The times I try to suppress this within myself – I feel a sharp stab of pain in my right palm, as though someone has Continue reading “Tears”


PSA: The Desi Muslim Prejudice

“She wears a scarf on her head. Ofcourse she’s more religious than you.”

“She wears a scarf on her head but she was speaking to a guy? She’s going to go burn in hell.”

“Is that how she’s dressed?! But isn’t she a Pakistani? Gosh, her parents must be liberals.”

“Oh my God hasn’t anyone taught her that if even an inch of your hair shows through your scarf – you’re not a Muslim and you don’t know how to practise your religion?” (aka burning in hell)

“She’s a Muslim but she doesn’t wear the hijab, so obviously she is not as close to her deen.”

Have I sufficiently prefaced this yet? Continue reading “PSA: The Desi Muslim Prejudice”

You Can’t Take The Brains Out of the Beauty

I rarely put forth my thoughts on the backward traditions and conservatism of traditional South Asian/Pakistani patriarchal societies simply because I try to make this space a positive one. But in truth, a facet to positive change is through a healthy form of discussion by acknowledging the problems that prevail and by actively looking for solutions. I am aware that that requires a certain level of humbleness and open mindedness, which unfortunately many people lack, either because of Continue reading “You Can’t Take The Brains Out of the Beauty”

5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab

Stereotypical assumptions are very common, and I’ve had the luxury of knowing some of the ones people have had about me pre and post hijab. I actually quite like Continue reading “5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab”


Language is a myriad of wonderful things. It is what unites you with a lost tourist asking for directions, provides reassurance to a nervous interviewee, or develop an affinity with an acquaintance. It is a gift of self expression and communication – the very foundation that every bond in our lives’ stand on.

I remember one of my Continue reading “Language”

A Woman’s Choice Is Not An Option

Whenever we come across situations where bigotry, discrimination, or any form of injustice towards minorities is present, we are usually quick to say that the people that hold these thoughts are Continue reading “A Woman’s Choice Is Not An Option”

Social Media Facade

Yeah, I rolled my eyes at myself when I decided Continue reading “Social Media Facade”

Types of Annoying People on the Road

I am not one for honking my horn until you are rendered deaf or spewing profanities when drivers behave as if they have forgotten all forms of manners and etiquettes as soon as they

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