This space has been a gawking hole in my heart for such a long time now – I do blame the corporate world for this, however it’s also one of those things that you keep letting fester because it feels like getting back into the swing of things will be so overwhelming –  not realising it’s just going to keep getting tougher as time passes. 😦 SO. I was like. Bas. Bohot hogaya hai. Continue reading “Cake”


The Friday Post #9

Disclaimer: I realise its a Saturday. Don’t point out the obvious, we all make mistakes.

HELLO, Friday. It’s been a while.

Although the original purpose of Continue reading “The Friday Post #9”

The Friday Post #8 – Nutella Sponge Cake

With all the sweetness enveloping our three-day Eid celebration just last week, I assumed I’d hit the pause button, because there was already a plan in place to Continue reading “The Friday Post #8 – Nutella Sponge Cake”

The Friday Post #7

Hello you guyssss. If you’re reading this, then we’ve officially reached the final Continue reading “The Friday Post #7”

The Friday Post #6

Hello! *insert a jump, skip, an enthusiastic wave and a big grin* This is typically how I greet people after spotting them from a distance. I’ve missed writing these posts! I hope everyone’s doing well and that your Ramadan prep is going strong.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 things that made my week stand out: Continue reading “The Friday Post #6”

The Friday Post #5

FriYAY! Normally I jump right into it but I don’t know why I’m kinda pumped about today. Maybe it’s got something to do with the pasta and brownies I’ll be making later? (we try to be healthy, I promise). Get your doodh patti (milk tea for my non-desi people) and lets get on with it shall we? Continue reading “The Friday Post #5”

The FRIDAY Post #4

A bit of a rollercoaster week, this one. Started off terribly but ended alright. The weather is getting worse day by day – summer has officially begun its awful tirade. I wonder what it’d be like living Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #4”

The Friday Post #3

Fashion Retrospection

These are my favourite red carpet looks from the Diyar-E-Dil Hum Awards ’16 that took place in Karachi earlier this week. I’m unsure if last year’s awards had better outfits or if I’ve been more selective this year. Continue reading “The Friday Post #3”

The FRIDAY Post #2

Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #2”

The FRIDAY Post #1

A bit unusual for me to be starting this on my blog, but I was like, whatevs I might as well give this a shot (for as long as it works). This weekly post will consist of a list of a few things that I’ve been doing/things that I’ve been loving/something small that made a difference. (Apologies in advance if it seems that my happiness is derived from food. That may or may not be true). Continue reading “The FRIDAY Post #1”