The Depression Rhetoric amongst Pakistani Women

Today I came across an article in Dawn, which listed an alarming statistic i.e.: 34% people in Pakistan are fighting depression as opposed to the world average which is 20%. The Pakistan Medical Association has highlighted depression as the theme for this year’s World Health Day.

I have more of a personal interest in mental healthcare – especially depression – and because I identify as Continue reading “The Depression Rhetoric amongst Pakistani Women”


Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)

For a long time, I debated on how best to start this post. I couldn’t precisely think what to post out of the blue. It’s more prudent to begin this way – and I also owe it to my loyal readers (and new ones! Hi & thank you, dil se). I was on an unplanned Continue reading “Greetings, my favourite earthling(s)”

A Tale of Personal Identity

She thought back to the little 11 year old who wouldn’t have recognised the 21 year old she was to become. This woman was too – too Pakistani. She brought so much culture with her, yet at the same time retaining traces of the “Western” environment that was part of her formative years. Perhaps that is a given, because Continue reading “A Tale of Personal Identity”

7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block

Whether it’s an assignment for university, a blog post, or answering the “Why should we hire you?” question in your cover letter (without giving into the urge of stating the obvious “Because you’re hiring and I need the money?!), we’ve all experienced this. Continue reading “7 Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block”

5 Ways To Practise Positive Thinking

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fall back into thinking negatively and playing the blame game?

The thought of penning this down came as I myself was being gripped by critical thoughts, which goes to show you just how Continue reading “5 Ways To Practise Positive Thinking”

5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read

Reading is a cultivated habit, and I have been reading since I was a child. My mom drove my interest, having been a voracious reader herself. I loved my school’s library and I was a massive book hoarder. My own personal collection has reduced now, as I have parted ways with many of my books with a heavy heart Continue reading “5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read”