The First Day I Wore The Hijab*

I was going through some old notes in my phone, and I found a date saved – both the Islamic and Lunar calendar equivalent. I wrote it down because I wanted to remember the day I first Continue reading “The First Day I Wore The Hijab*”


5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab

Stereotypical assumptions are very common, and I’ve had the luxury of knowing some of the ones people have had about me pre and post hijab. I actually quite like Continue reading “5 Misconceptions People Have Had About Me Post Hijab”

An Outsider’s Impression of a Hijabi

In my short foray into the corporate world, where people of all ethnicities and religions attempt to co-exist, I discovered the various impressions an outsider (a non Muslim) holds of a hijabi.* This is my personal experience and I’m sure it differs for all, depending on the environment we surround ourselves with. One of the things is that you are automatically viewed as a Continue reading “An Outsider’s Impression of a Hijabi”