This space has been a gawking hole in my heart for such a long time now – I do blame the corporate world for this, however it’s also one of those things that you keep letting fester because it feels like getting back into the swing of things will be so overwhelming –  not realising it’s just going to keep getting tougher as time passes. 😦 SO. I was like. Bas. Bohot hogaya hai. I created this. Its ok. Just write. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t the most eloquent. Just do what comes to you naturally with a pen in your hand. The best part about having your own blog space is that it’s always going to be your own, you can choose to do what you want with it – and no one can take it away from you – which I’ve realised is pure bliss. 🙂 I also have some of the nicest readers on here – some who silently lurk in the background, and some who are more vocal – I appreciate you all, nonetheless. ❤

I watched a movie at the cinema the other day after almost 3 years (the last time I watched a movie was after my last ever exam for my undergrad) – although it didn’t feel that long, lulz. As you can tell, I’m not a regular cinema-goer but when I do go, it’s for a movie I deem a must-watch for whatever reason.

I saw Cake – which is a Pakistani film I’d not heard a single bad review of and also one whose cast I have admired from previous roles. The movie was excellent, despite my average standards of movie-rating, lulz. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it (minus the heavy promotion of smoking and the tiny bits of distasteful language – how is this PG 13?) It was very realistic – I loved the plot, the music, the smattering of Sindhi, the comic relief, the relationships, the clothes! Hehe. My favourite characters were the parents – they were adorbs, you guys. Also, I picked up a bunch of random things that I thought I’d throw in here, kinda like mini takeaways from the movie – if you will:

– Parents don’t want your gratitude. They need your support as they age – just as you needed their support when you were a 2 year old – life kind of comes full circle with them not being the same way as they grow older.

– Dreams are the only way we can hold onto some hope in this life – a way to find calm within the chaos.

– Just because we don’t give value to someone’s dreams, doesn’t mean they’re devoid of value themselves.

“Bhad mein jayein eyebrows.” Community is a big part of our culture. You have them during the good and the bad – but sometimes people don’t know where to draw the line and can be far too nosy, presumptuous and judgmental. The closing scene where an aunty tries to take a picture of a couple that finally gets together on a motorbike and the girl (who had been worried her whole life of what people think) gives her the middle finger for the picture captures this perfectly, LOL.

– You and your spouse are each other’s support for your entire life. Love, laughter and gratitude are needed evermore when you’ve built a life together over many decades. (This was a bit of a different take than the usual stereotype presented wherein couples – especially aged ones – are never shown to have any sort of love between them but this was a refreshing take on this).

Never thought an impromptu movie discussion would ever be a part of this blog – but I’m surprising myself with the decisions I’m taking. Slowly morphing into a Naureen that is still rebelling – but just more quietly, and carefully picking the battles worth fighting for a better future.

Piece-fully yours,
– N


3 thoughts on “Cake

  1. NAAAAAUREEEEEEN! I am so happy you are back! Please don’t leave again, sis! It’s so good to have you back blogging, and you are right – THIS is full yours, so screw all other writing conventions you have ever been taught or absorbed (this is advice I should take as well). I have to admit, I was also really excited about the title and kept on thinking, when’s the cake coming? Haha. My sister told me about this film and it said it’s sooo me, but I was a bit skeptical. I’ve never seen a Pakistani film before. I make perhaps the wrong assumption that they’re as bad as current Bollywood films. I like independent Indian films, but the mainstreams one are other so ho hum or horrible (I am such a critic though!). But anyways, yay! You’re back 🙂

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    1. HI BAJI IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOUR COMMENT haha! how are you!! I knew after I wrote this that the title itself would intrigue you to read until the end LOL. I promise you – this movie definitely is not like the typical mainstream ones you’re talking about. Give it a shot! There have been so many Pakistani movies I have been wanting to watch but I never get the chance to – this is actually my first one since probably a decade! I dont venture into Bollywood – Raees was the last one I watched and that too was because there was a Pakistani actress in it whom I love haha!

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      1. Haha, I would always read your posts to the end, sis! ❤ But yes, the cake certainly enticed me. Okay, I will take you for your word. What did you think of Raees? I didn't think it was horrible, but I didn't like it either. For a Bollywood film, that's actually a decent rating. Haha! I mostly like independent Indian films. Those ones are the best. If Cake is like that, then I will give it a shot. I trust your opinion!


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