Close Calls

Wisdom dictates you’re aware of how you’re going to conduct yourself the tenth time ‘round something happens. How many times are you going to have to make the same mistake for you to understand that that is not the way to go? How many close calls is it going to take? How are you so eager to play with fire, knowing that what happens on the other side could potentially change your life forever?

But how do you gain something so valuable, without losing something in equal measure? And what if you lose the very thing you wanted to gain, because you’re hopeful to the point of foolishness, that this time, things will be different?

Why don’t you ever learn, my love? The offer on the table could change a million times, but the result won’t if your approach to it is the same as the previous nine times.

Perhaps the very reason you were confronted with your biggest fear was to make you see. Your approach needs to change. You need to relearn.
You need to dial back the adrenaline and think from your head now.

When the stakes are so high, it’s not enough that you have the right intentions.

You need to practice the right execution.

Wearily yours,
– N



5 thoughts on “Close Calls

  1. Boy have I learned this in the past few months. Intention are important, but just praying for something is not enough. That is why Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reminded us to always tether our camels.

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    1. I mean – I can have the right intention behind my incorrect execution – But I can’t always hope that that is going to be enough. I have to align them both. There are times where its like – Your intention counts – And it DOES – but there comes a point where you need to make sure you’re not just using the “intention” as an excuse to not do whatever it is that you’re doing properly. Feel me? D:

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