22 Things I Learnt In 22 Years

A friend told me that you’re now 22, but please stay “Forever 21” as we were exiting out of the very same shop. Lulz I know, pagal dost hai. Anyway! – I don’t usually do things like these (case in point: I’ve been nominated by the sweetest women for two blogger awards and although I love reading others’, to do my own feels like it would take eons to complete! and I also don’t want to choose to answer one set of questions and ignore the rest because I love you all hehe), but then I thought this would be a super way for me to look back at if I’m lucky enough to reach my next birthday. I did do a birthday post last year too (two birthdays on this blog already! ahhh the feels) and felt this would also add to a little blog tradition for you & I. Achi baat hai, haina? Theek hai, let’s begin.

1. Trust your gut feeling. You’ve ignored it long enough. It usually takes you in the right direction.

2. It’s great that you enjoy your own company. You’re progressing on the path of self-love.

3. Your parents’ have struggled for you more than you will ever realise, because they never complained.

4. Don’t trust everything that you see. There’s always more to the story.

5. If anyone – man or woman – implies (because no one says it directly) that you’re meant to stay at home, cook, clean and give multiple births for the rest of your life because you’re a woman, resist the urge to inflict them with paper cuts and throw them into a pool of lemon juice. Breathe very deeply, and ask them to do mankind a favour by reading the story of the first woman to embrace Islam – Khadija bint Khuwaylid (R.A). Then say a prayer for them.

6. Humans are flawed, but actions speak louder than words. Give people chances, but know when to draw the line if what they say doesn’t match what they do.

7. Family is everything. You are stronger together, not apart.

8. Build the courage to fight societal norms and traditions that don’t fit with you. You are more important than anyone else. “Loag kya kahengay” (What will people say?) will end your life before your actual death.

9. There are so many immature adults in this world. Don’t be surprised. Age is just a number.

10. Do your research. Knowledge is power.

11. Respect yourself enough to walk away from a relationship when it doesn’t align with your core values. Don’t stay just because you’ve already invested a significant amount of time, energy and love into it. If the end result is leaving you exhausted, walk away. You will be okay.


12. Being busy is a blessing.

13. Forgiveness is an action that states you have no ill-feelings towards that person anymore. It doesn’t state that you need to keep them close to your heart the same way as you did before.

14. We make time for the people we love.

15. Culture is not religion. Culture makes our life difficult whereas religion has been made such that it is for our ease.

16. Don’t sacrifice your own mental health while trying to “fix” someone elses.

17. Give. Don’t expect anything in return from anyone except God.

18. Having financial knowledge is important.

19. You are a strong, confident, resilient, graceful, spirited woman. Don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise.

20. God’s guidance is a blessing that humbles you and teaches you not to assume, judge or write anyone off as a lost cause – because where would you have been, if it wasn’t for it?

21. Not knowing how to deal with anger can destroy even the strongest of relationships.

22. The company you keep affects your character the most. Hang around with people who bring out the best in you.

Previous cake picture minus the aesthetics. This is a – wait for it – cheesecake with a cookie base, topped with milk chocolate ganache and whipped cream (!!!) Thank you to my baby sister for making the best ever birthday cake for me by incorporating two of my favourite things whilst simultaneously ensuring our sugar + caloric levels go through the roof.


Here’s to another year, Alhumdulillah.
Ruminating-ly yours,
– N




9 thoughts on “22 Things I Learnt In 22 Years

  1. Happy birthday, Naureen, dear! I hope you had a stupendous birthday. If I can judge from that cake, I’d say you did. This post made me smile all throughout! Lol at that forever 21 joke. Looking forward to learn the rest of your years’ life lessons! You have a lot to teach me 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The cake is so rich – it’s still not over! But I love it because I actually dislike the original biscuit base that’s usually used. We once made using oats as a base and even that was better. Hehe awh thank you for your wishes! ❤


      1. You don’t like the Graham cracker crust? That’s my favorite part! Mmm, if I were there, it’d be finished in no time! 😉


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