My voice trembles as I feel the first signs of tears coming on. My heart is too heavy with the emotion it carries and it spills forth the only way it knows how – through my eyes. The times I try to suppress this within myself – I feel a sharp stab of pain in my right palm, as though someone has poured salt on an open wound, just below my thumb. Sometimes I feel lighter after I’ve cried, and sometimes I’m tired. It can be exhausting.

Tears usually bring with it sympathy, but also carry an odd stigma. They are mistaken as a sign of weakness, which it most certainly isn’t. How do you see a loved one in one of their most raw, emotional and vulnerable states and think that they decided to show you that out of weakness? Did you not see the strength, the courage it took for him/her to be so intimate with you? To be so comfortable that there is no barrier to raw emotion? It takes a colossal amount of trust and strength for anyone to share something so personal – and the mere fact that you are at the receiving end of it is a blessing – because you have the power to do so much good in that. It is perhaps through you that their circumstance could become better. Tears are anything but a weakness. In reality, it is emotion overflowing in salt when the heart is tired of carrying it within itself any longer. It is a blessing – a sign that your heart is alive. It endures.

They are a sign that you can manage your pain. They are are a sign that you are dealing with your emotions as opposed to bottling them up.

My tears are a sign that I am far more stronger.

Vulnerably yours,
– N


4 thoughts on “Tears

  1. This was nice. I don’t know why people naturally incline towards thinking that crying is a sign of weakness. Femininity. Fragility. I’ve had a weird relationship with crying, as I cry at the oddest things. But I thought this was pretty brilliant. I wasn’t expected to feel so positive after reading a post about crying. Well done 🙂

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  2. I hope this is true, because it seems like I cry atleast once a week, whether it’s because I’ve seen a great film or am dealing with a personal issue with no clear answer. I find crying to be emotionally and physically draining, but I can’t avoid it. I need it, it’s sort of a catharsis, in order to move on. Beautiful post yet again, Naureen!

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