My life has purpose. It has meaning. It’s tailor made. Meticulously structured by the One for my benefit. Everything that happens to me has a reason behind it. Sometimes I know it, and sometimes I don’t. It’s not important to always know why something happened – although if I observe, I can usually tell. It’s a gut feeling that comes with a greater consciousness of my actions.

Life is 50% what happens to me – and the rest is determined by how I dealt with it.

The best kind of people in this world are those that have taken everything in their stride and still walk with grace and patience. With unwavering faith that to continue being good will bring you good from the Creator Himself. The ones who don’t allow the actions of others or the negative discourse of events to harden their hearts and make them cynical. The ones who become kinder and more humble because of all the problems they have faced. The ones who have left judgement to the One because they have seen first-hand what it means to struggle between having right intentions but the wrong execution.

I can’t change someone elses heart, but the only one I have complete control over is my own.

Determinedly yours,
– N


One thought on “Heart

  1. This is a great realization. I agree with you fully, in fact, my ratio is more like 20% what happens and 80% how you react. What defines you: an uncontrollable force or the actions that you make the choice to do. Because of this, I’ve learned that a better life will come out of being loving, forgiving, and sincere. Besides, you are who you are in private.


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