The Friday Post #7

Hello you guyssss. If you’re reading this, then we’ve officially reached the final Friday of Ramadan ’16 – or Alvida Jummah, as my fellow Pakistani peeps may call it. I remember in the beginning of this month, a lot of things were happening – the biggest of which is the apartment shift we made (Alhumdulillah). Our days were consumed with unpacking, arranging and rearranging our home, and although it is still not 100% done, we are going about our days with sufficiency.

Another thing that has come about with this move is that my sister and I are thoroughly enjoying indulging in baking to our heart’s content. We have to exercise a lot of self control with this, just because the family and I are consuming too many baked goodies in a short span of time (these things never last long in our home). In the event that we will live to see Eid iA, we’re planning to bake something for the occasion. This will be a first on many accounts, as we always have the regular Desi desserts – who else does not like sheer kohrma? (I don’t know the English equivalent – vermicelli in milk?) This will just be an addition to the regular. My sister has decided on dark chocolate brownies. I’m unsure and at a loss for ideas. I want it to be simple, because I’m still new at this. I feel like baking red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, but my sister wants me to use up some of the chocolate we bought for this purpose. Red velvet cupcakes with a chocolate frosting then, perhaps? I don’t knowww. Suggestions are very welcome. Also, the aim is to make a limited quantity because even when I half the average recipe, it’s a bit much – and although we can all happily consume the calories, I am aiming for balance at home and self discipline.

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Each day has passed at a normal enough pace, but now I’m left to wonder where Ramadan went. Still, we have 5 days left, and these last 10 days are the most important part of the journey. I implore you to make Dua in abundance. I leave you with something very profound, which I think was said by Umar (R.A.). (I apologise if that’s incorrect). This is not word for word, however I’m sure the meaning won’t be lost because this hasn’t left me since I internalised it:

I don’t even concern myself with the answer of my Dua. I only concern myself with making Dua.
Because I know that if Allah (swt) has caused my lips to move to ask Him for something
– then I know that it is because He wants to give me something.

Hopefully yours,
– N


7 thoughts on “The Friday Post #7

  1. can’t believe how fast Ramadan passed, indeed!
    i hate sheer korma too, lol not a fan of desi deserts in general! the chocolate type sounds good, but i am a lover of red velvet! why not make 2 things (small qty each) so you both get what you want?! lol! early eid mubarak to you! 🙂

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    1. I do enjoy them actually – How can anyone say no to gajaar ka halwa? 😍 Haha yup we are both making a small qty but Idk what to go with yet. Awh, Khair mubarak jani 💜

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  2. I was hooked on to this post once I saw the picture of Hosseini’s work. Here’s wishing you a blessed Eid in advance. Inshallah, those delicious treats will come out of the oven perfectly.

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    1. He’s brilliant. I was so happy to finally get the set & read ATSS – which left me beyond miserable, but I think Kite Runner shattered my heart. Thank you lovely & an advanced Eid mubarak to you too 💜

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  3. What a beautiful dua! I only hope that I can achieve that level of tawwakul in my lifetime, Insha’Allah. Happy early Eid Mubarak (or Moobarak, as I like to write). I don’t like sheer khorma either! It’s warm and thinner than skim milk, i.e. not my definition of dessert. I don’t know if you’ve decided on what to make with your sister, but I posted a recipe for strawberry bread on my blog yesterday. You could always add chocolate to the recipe. I’d be interested to know how that turns out, if you do!

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