The Friday Post #5

FriYAY! Normally I jump right into it but I don’t know why I’m kinda pumped about today. Maybe it’s got something to do with the pasta and brownies I’ll be making later? (we try to be healthy, I promise). Get your doodh patti (milk tea for my non-desi people) and lets get on with it shall we?

Fashion Retrospection

Held in Karachi this past week, the Bridal Couture Week ’16 showcased a mix of stunning ensembles and outrageous dressing (Gohar Rasheed did enough scarring with his Aladdin getup during the ARY Film Awards, but he continued the act for BCW as well – seemingly enjoying looking like he’ll brandish a sword out of nowhere and challenge you to a duel).
There are a huge number of wonderful outfits – however I wanted to specifically highlight:

The cast of Yalghaar – They all looked great but the showstoppers obviously stole my heart

Armeena Khan & Bilal Ashraf’s showstopper moment was so cute! It reminded me of Osman Khalid Butt & Maya Ali’s moment for Telenor Bridal Couture Week (Maria.B) in 2015.(picture below)
*insert heart-eyes emoji*

The cast of Udaari – A new show that I’ve started watching, which is trying to shed light on child molestation.

One of the little cast members.
They all looked great, but the banners is what made their ramp appearance more special.

What I’m Watching

Mann Mayal – Illogical plot, yaar. I thought it was picking up momentum this week but I was mistaken. There’s a death coming up next week so I’m curious. The safest bet seems to be her child. I have come to the conclusion that the best thing about this show is the title track (I was borderline obsessed with it at one point).

Udaari – As I mentioned above, it deals with child molestation – an issue that I’ve not seen on PK television before. (The closest thing I could recall was Bol, but that was a movie). I’m interested to see where the plot leads. Thus far, the acting is excellent, and their Punjabi is flawless (to someone who has a nursery-level understanding of it). But you’ll be able to follow along easily if you understand Urdu.

Colour Palette of the Week


Believe it or not, I don’t own jersey hijabs. I bought my very first one this week in this beautiful nude shade, which I was over the moon about, ’cause I couldn’t find a shade that suited me until now. 2-in-1 khushi. It’s perfect for everyday wear and goes with pretty much everything because I always have one piece of black clothing on me at all times. I’ve been wearing this paired with a nude lip and it matches so perfectly, I love ittt. The combo is great for days when you want to keep it neutral but not lifeless (which is how I look without lipstick, I swear).

I need suggestions on a nude-brown shade of lipliner, though. Something that applies easily. I purchased a Wet’n’Wild one in the shade Chestnut – I’d neither heard of the brand nor seen it anywhere here prior to randomly stumbling across it this week. Infact I would love a dupe, because the colour is perfect for me. But it’s sort of a rough pencil, so I’m searching for alternatives. Help is needed, you guise. I’ll share my brownies.


Lastly, I’m thinking of doing the Friday posts every two weeks. Thus far they have been weekly and I thoroughly enjoy making them, but I feel perhaps content diversity and appeal might be better this way? Let me know what you think!

I post often on my Instagram because I love looking at and taking photos (purely as a hobby) – so if you enjoy looking at an aesthetically-pleasing erratic feed, feel free to follow and connect with me on my journey to find beauty in the abstract here.

Have an amazing weekend.


5 thoughts on “The Friday Post #5

  1. im pretty sure it’s going to be mikaeel’s parents who die next episode, i cant imagine them killing her kids lol. either way, her life is going to be worse than it is now, esp if his parents are not around. ah, let’s see what happens!
    and i wish i had sugg for a nude lip liner! i never use nude liners, and i only own like 2 colored liners, so can’t help you there! hope you find something soon!<3


    1. She’s a completely stupid character. :p She was all bold & everything pre-marriage & now she doesn’t even bother lifting a finger to change her situation when she knows she’ll get all the support! Pfft. Aww, ok, thanks anyway 🙂 I’ve heard NYX is good for lipliners? I’m going to try some of their matte lip shades soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. UGH LITERALLY!! So annoying! i just want this drama to end like now…lol.
        and hmm no clue, but i’m sure they are not bad! their soft butter creams that i have, are really good, i’m sure the rest of their products are as well! do try and let me know!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Are those bridal outfits? They’re so pretty! Definitely not Hydro. But no complaints here, I got the sharara I wanted! That second one actually kinda looks like my nikkha outfit. I mean, the fabric. It looks waaaaay better on the model.

    Is Quantico really that good? I don’t know, it seems too much like a soap from the previews and I really can’t stand Priyanka. Not because she’s not a good actress, because she actually is, but maybe it’s because of her new found fame. I kinda lost respect for her when I heard she was in some rap video wearing a bikini. LOL, I sound like such a buddhee, na?

    I also only have one jersey hijab. It’s nice for quick throw ons, but I don’t like the fact that there’s no fabric to drape in the front, which I am so used to.

    Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend, Naureen! 🙂

    BTW: I like your weekly Friday posts, but if you’re having difficulty coming up with something each week, it’s totally okay to forgo a few Fridays every so often – I won’t notice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they are Pakistani bridal outfits. I hate shararas haha but I know its a cultural thing. I like lehengas or just a fancy suit – straight pants & embroidered kameez. Oh pssh don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure you looked beautiful from that picture I saw of you & your husband (was the purple outfit for the valima?) I also absolutely love purple but I was thinking when I get married I want an off-white & gold accented outfit (kinda like my mom’s, haha). Ohh I had no clue she did that? But tbh she doesnt have a clean slate if you know what I mean.. But I like the show and the plot. What kind of shows do you watch? The jersey one I have allows for drapes although not as low as I would prefer, because I also like it to have nice drapes in the front (who else dreams of having an Amenakin hoojab? :D) Aww thank you so much, I love reading your feedback & hope you have a fab weekend ahead! ❤


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