The FRIDAY Post #4

A bit of a rollercoaster week, this one. Started off terribly but ended alright. The weather is getting worse day by day – summer has officially begun its awful tirade. I wonder what it’d be like living in a place with neutral weather – where it’s not boiling hot to the point of exhaustion, and not so cold and snowy that it makes you feel like you have frostbite. I’d love to know which country is something of an inbetween. Spring & Autumn are non-existent in Dubai, so that’d be an awesome experience.

What I’m Reading


Guilty Pleasures by Tasmina Perry. Not the kind of book I’d usually reach out for but the plot is an engaging one thus far. There’s a lot of drama involved tbh and its a big book (who else gets happy knowing there are so many more pages to get lost in?) There are many sub plots but they don’t take over the actual story so there is quite a finesse in how the author has written it. Learning quite a bit about the high profile fashion & publishing industry with this one.

What I’m Watching –

  • Youtube: This week I was basically obsessed with Adam Saleh. His vlogs always put me in a good mood. (which tells you what a downer this week was, pft).
  • Pakistani TV shows: Missed Mann Mayal this week & coincidentally came across an article dissing the show for being one of the stupidest in history. LOL. I’ve also been watching Pakeeza, which is slow-moving and predictable. I’ve never seen Aamina Sheikh in any other role apart from a damsel in distress. Reruns of Humsafar are going good (I love Mahira Khan. Fawad Khan is great, albeit a bit overrated).

Feel-Good Moments –

There was an important event in Islamic history that occurred this week (Shab-E-Mairaaj, I don’t know what its called in English), and so there’s an influx of desserts at home. I was unable to take a picture of the actual things, but here’s a random picture of the garnishing for the heck of it.

Random Shots of my Week

Unapologetically admitting that these were my first ever macaroons. A complete impulse purchase – overpriced, overhyped. The praline flavoured one had no taste, however the rose one was quite nice. My dad’s comments: “Bekaar. Loot rahein hai.” (This is no good. They’re robbing you).
My sister is obsessed with jelly.
Random clouds forming mid-afternoon over a mosque. Grand or otherwise, I feel all mosques are so beautiful. The architecture itself is admirable.
Self explanatory.


Signed up on Twitter. Someone said there were cookies  Username: newsbynaureen

Hope you’ll have a great weekend. (Especially if you’re in Dubai, a 3-day weekend & 2-day free parking? It’s like Eid came early).


2 thoughts on “The FRIDAY Post #4

  1. I love this idea for a Friday post! Today was a very scatter-brained day for me, I feel like I need one of these to just dump all my random thoughts. I apologize in advance that my comment will also be scatter-brained.
    Hey, someone else who’s not completely taken with macaroons. They ain’t bad or anything, but I personally find them way too small to satiate my sweet tooth! Hehe.
    I am also looking for a place with a suitable climate. It’s supposed to be the middle of Spring here in midwest America, but I was tempted to turn on the heating today! It doesn’t help that I’m always colder than everyone else, but still. IT’S MAY! Just watch, come Ramadan time, I’m going to be wishing to turn back to these cooler days. The weather can be pretty erratic here, too.
    Yay mughziat (the toppings for dessert). Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything for Shab-e-Meraj (technically the night of ascension) because I was unwell and also, I’m so used to having my mom do all that stuff.
    I joined Twitter too recently. I’m not sure I’m really using it the way it ought to be, but then again, I never do! 🙂

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    1. My fellow scatter brained friend, I appreciate all your thoughts. 😀 Let me throw some randomness right back atchu. Omg I know right?! Macaroons are so small! I’m now planning on trying an ice-cream that I can fill with unlimited scoops. I need to be more adventurous with these things. I swear, if transport wasn’t an issue, I’d go anywhere. Thats why I tell people my superpower would definitely be teleportation. Its boiling in Dubai and its about to be as hot as the temperature I set on my straightener to burn my hair. WINTER OVER SUMMER ANY DAY. Aww, I hope you get well soon! I know that when I get married etc I wont remember all these traditions that we have every year, simply bc there are soo many of them and I’m used to my mom doing it as well, haha. Thanks for teaching me a new word, btw. Is mughziat in hyderabadi urdu? 😀


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