The FRIDAY Post #1

A bit unusual for me to be starting this on my blog, but I was like, whatevs I might as well give this a shot (for as long as it works). This weekly post will consist of a list of a few things that I’ve been doing/things that I’ve been loving/something small that made a difference. (Apologies in advance if it seems that my happiness is derived from food. That may or may not be true). Basically, it’s all positive vibes. This is also a way of self reflection for me.

FullSizeRender(2).jpgCurrent Read: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. Can’t recommend this book enough. This is exactly my kind of book. Don’t misjudge the title and assume it’s a generic romance novel because I’m not into those either. And, yes, this truly is the state of my copy. I have never before bookmarked in any novel, let alone have it peppered with colourful tags. But a whole lot of her words resonated with me, and it’s something wonderful I can always look back into.




What I Loved: IMG_1276.JPG What this flatlay does not show you, is that this is a cheesecake brownie. So, so good. Quite enough for two tbh (we were three, but our small appetites should be taken into consideration). What I loved, however, was that on this day, we actually managed to go to this little cafe and have some downtime. This was kinda out of our way and we tend to stick to routine adventures, but doing something different with good company always feels great. The area had a great vibe but the coffee was awful because I’m someone who likes their load of caffeine with an equal load of sugar. This is at Ratios Coffee in Sharjah.

Feel-Good moment:


The thought process behind this image is something I read on Instagram once and died bc how relatable –> *eats a salad one time*  “i am honestly the most pure being on this earth i can feel the toxins escaping my body. Health is a lifestyle.” This is obviously not a salad but you get my drift. I’m taking baby steps into doing better things for my health because God knows my immune system needs it. I don’t remember everything my mom put into this (Ignorance is truly bliss in this case), but I remember the dominating flavour to be strawberry so I could down it easily. Teehee.

Currently Watching: Quantico, Arrow and The Originals this week. I have always been a bit of borderline TV fanatic but don’t seem to find the time nowadays to watch every episode that releases.

Let me know a random highlight from your week in the comments below! Have a great weekend, you’ll 🙂


2 thoughts on “The FRIDAY Post #1

    1. GET IT. You wont regret the full price that you pay for it haha. (I buy most of my books from PK so ye todha mushkil tha but its worth it). I dont want to oversell it to you haha but I honestly feel it’s something everyone would enjoy & I know you definitely would. 🙂

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