5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read

Reading is a cultivated habit, and I have been reading since I was a child. My mom drove my interest, having been a voracious reader herself. I loved my school’s library and I was a massive book hoarder. My own personal collection has reduced now, as I have parted ways with many of my books with a heavy heart but still, I actually have quite a lot of unread books that are collecting dust. I am hoping to get around to it soon (once I get myself some more books. Teehee).

I thought I would share a few reasons as to why everyone should be reading. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but we should be spending more time with words – be it fiction or non fiction.

1) It broadens your perspective. You allow your mind to open up, understand, challenge, and even accept other views and stories. We live in an inhibited space, and not everyone has the luxury to travel as often as they would like to. Reading allows you to enter different cities, taste a variety of dishes and meet the likes of people you would have otherwise never met. I have never physically entered a museum in my life, but it doesn’t feel that way, because I have entered quite a few of them through Dan Brown’s books. Vivid imagery can be felt through your mind’s eye.

2) Your vocabulary increases. Automatically. But a dictionary comes in handy too.  It’s much easier to write a composition for English class.

3) It helps decrease stress levels. Have you noticed how our attention seems to go from one thing to the next very rapidly in a day? So many things to be done, amongst the constant beeps of our phones and swift keystrokes – daily. Reading allows you to productively use your “me-time” – away from the anxiety that technology can give you with its magnetic appeal. It is pure bliss to not have a phone in the palm of my hand (albeit making me feel a little ill-at-ease, because I’m so used to the device)

4) You broaden your intellect by learning new concepts. Learning is a continuous process – this is why I have said I am, and always going to be, a student. Knowledge is imparted through the practical experiences of life itself outside of a classroom. Similarly, even reading a fiction book can introduce you to concepts you didn’t know existed, or can reiterate the classroom concepts in an interesting manner, which leads you to remembering it for longer.

5) I learnt to empathise, recognise stereotypes, and be less judgemental. I implore you with all my heart to read a Khaled Hosseini novel to understand what I mean by this. I have written a couple of his book reviews here and here. It will leave a powerful impact on you, and I am sure, that somewhere, some part of you – will change

Dubai declared 2016 as the Year of Reading, and announced the opening of the biggest library of its kind in the Arab world. It is designed to be in the shape of an open book on a rahle, the Arabic lantern, and will hopefully be set to open in a year. I was absolutely thrilled to learn of this. This is going to a haven for the UAE readers’ community and should encourage this wonderful habit in others 🙂

Let me know in the comments below the kinds of books that you enjoy and what you read – apart from the captions on Instagram.

Disclaimer: Library image taken from http://www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/general/dubai-to-build-dh1-billion-library



3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Reading Is Good For You – Why I Read

  1. I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on…except romance. I had a brush with Danielle Steel, Barbara Cartland, and Harlequins in general when I was in high school. Is that a thing? Do all girls go through that weird phase where they read obsessively about brooding millionaires and broken ranch owners, who just need the right woman to rescue them from their loneliness (and possibility a crazy ex-wife hell bent on killing him)? Uhhh, just no, NOOOO. All my friends were fawning over these books when we were teenagers, so I tried them. Let’s just say, I don’t even wonder toward the romance section of the library anymore 🙂 Worst offender of the lot was “Touch The Wind” by Janet Dailey…I’m still a little traumatized by that book to tell you the truth (shudders). Although I read everything, I do have a serious fondness for science fiction though.


    1. Oh my gosh, YES. This was a high school phase and in retrospect, they had far too many of these on their shelves! Or perhaps they were a lot more hyped by my peers. It’s a bit cringe-worthy if I think of it now, and likewise, you wouldn’t catch me dead in that section. Oooh I love sci-fi SHOWS (if that counts- and no I’ve never seen Star Trek please don’t shoot daggers at me). I don’t know about any good books – if you have any recommendations, please let me know! x

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      1. Looool, I was just telling a friend of mine from high school not too long ago that our library had way too many romance books. I am a huge, huge science fiction geek 🙂 and I love it whenever I can hype some sci-fi books. By the way what are your favourite Science fiction shows? You MUST, MUST, watch Star Trek. If you find the original Star Trek a little outdated, start with Star Trek:The Next Generation. I strongly recommend Star Trek Deep Space Nine also.

        Science fiction has some sub-genres of its own: hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, Military science fiction, space opera etc… However, I would recommend that you go with the books that are seen as classics of the genre, that way you’ll get a taste of it and discover what sub-genre might speak to you a little more. I would recommend you start with these books, maybe you’ve already read some of them.

        1) Dune by Frank Herbert (I can’t say enough about this book, it is amazing)
        2) Neuromancer by William Gibson
        3) The Forever War By Joe Haldeman
        4) Foundation by Isaac Asimov
        5) Old Man’s War by John Scalzi
        6) Do Androids dream of electric sheep by Philip K. Dick
        7) Slaughterhouse five by Kurt Vonnegut
        8) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
        9) 1984 by George Orwell
        10) The player of games by Iain M.Banks

        ENJOY 🙂


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