Mind Over Matter

This past week, I had a couple of days where I physically did not have the energy to drag myself off the bed in the mornings. I write this as I am currently down with a nasty cold which has left me feeling as though a car ran over my facial muscles. Today was particularly awful, because I drive roughly 90 minutes to work each day, and it was as though my body just could not handle the toll. Every movement, every smile, every gesture felt like it required tremendous amounts of energy to do.

Still, I had to do what I had to do. Days off are not a luxury every one can afford.

On my drive to work, all I could think of was how was I going to get through the day feeling like this?

I went outside to an overly bright, clean day. I think it was the post-rain effect. There was no sun, but the brilliant deep-blue of the sky with the white fluffy clouds were far too cheery and vibrant for my soul.

I forced myself to take it in. Have you ever felt nature? Like, really, just stood for a moment and took it all in? And have you noticed, how when you wish to take it in for just a few seconds, there’s a magnetic force that just does not allow you to tear your heart eyes away from the beauty that you see?

The sky was so beautiful today Subhanallah. It made me smile. I forced myself to appreciate the beauty around me and remind myself that I can be strong, despite what I feel. Why do we put ourselves down so easily? We were made to withstand challenges, and these come to us because we can handle them. I took a deep breath (a lot of effort in my condition, really), and told myself


I can be positive.

I am strong.

I am going through whatever forms of pain because He believes I can come out the other side stronger.

He is guiding me to where I want to be.

He is rewarding me for my endurance.

I can do this.

And just like that, I felt a sort of a film lift above my eyes, uplifting my inner self, feeling better about the situation.

It sounds a little bit like magic I know (haha), but my point is that our thoughts really do direct our feelings and how we conduct ourselves.

Our thoughts contain energy. If you fill them with positive energy, you are sending positive vibes into the atmosphere, and good things will happen. You just need to have the faith. Submitting ourselves to our fate with the thoughts that you will always come out the other side as a winner will always make our battles easier for us.

This made me realise how much of my productivity is based on our thoughts. If my thoughts of myself and my day are determined, positive, kind, strong – then that’s how I’m going to feel. It left me in awe of how something so simple can have such a powerful effect on us.

And usually, when we submit and accept ourselves with such optimism to the qadr of Allah, He makes our journey easier for us Subhanallah. I personally feel there is so much beauty in the acknowledgement of His signs – everywhere. He is so, so Gracious & Merciful. الرحمن الرحيم

Positive-ly yours,


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