REVIEW: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie


Genre: Crime Fiction
Rating: 4/5

The reason I have rated it a tad higher than I would have is because of the simplicity of the book which will be very helpful for new readers who are looking to get into the soul-feeding habit of reading. It is a bit of a personal departure for me from the kinds of books I have been reading lately (The Kite Runner, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, etc.)

To be honest, this was collecting dust on my bookshelf, when I took a renewed interest in it. This is my first Agatha Christie read and I was pleasantly surprised, owing to my silly preconceived notion of her writings being, archaic, perhaps? Nevertheless, it is quite a calculated piece of mystery, with a perfect spin in the end – you won’t see it coming. I positively love suspense novels – you’d think by now my guesses at who is the Master of Deception and All Things Cunning (aka the Bad Guy) would be good, but they’re not.

And that’s what I love about it.
I love the moment when I marvel at the plot twists and the ultimate conclusion, knowing it’s just pages away.

Let me know which Agatha Christie books you’ve enjoyed in the comments down below! 🙂


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

    1. This was the only one I had, so I decided to give it a shot. She was quite the hype in my school library haha. Btw I think it’s totally insane how you managed your Masters the way you did!!! Seriously, I’d never be able to do that. Virtual cheesecake delivery for you. :3


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