Social Media Facade

Yeah, I rolled my eyes at myself when I decided what I wanted to pen down, yet again. Social Media is actually a tremendous part of my life, both personally and professionally. This topic warranted another post (previous one here), because, well I just got hit by another wave of social media impact. It never ceases to amaze me the perspective it shapes of our peers. People can look at someone’s Instagram/Facebook, or even blogging feed for that matter, and sit there and assume that they know everything about their life.



We all choose to project a certain part of our life into social media. And even that is tainted with pre planned alignment of photos and filters. Nothing is “no filter.”
Every thing is filtered, darling. Nobody advertises the trouble they go through for that perfect picture. Behind the aesthetically pleasing feed, you will never learn of the hardships someone may struggle with, or any criticism they may have had to deal with, any fall out they might have had. To put it simply, no one knows the story behind any picture/blog post on social media. It is seldom straightforward.

Similarly, everyone doesn’t portray every part of their life. Let’s take me for example. My Instagram feed was peppered with quite a lot of books, before I started to post some different things, because well, I wanted to?
People’s assumptions of me are based on the pictures I post.
And the pictures I don’t post.

Clapping WTF?

Turns out if you don’t post pictures of, say, a place you went to, chances are, you don’t like going out. You just enjoy staying at home.


So by that logic, if someone doesn’t post pictures of their food, they don’t enjoy eating, I suppose?


It surprises me that people can be so cavalier with their judgements and not realise that they’re just looking at one part of the story. I personally know of beauty bloggers who are constantly bombarded with comments such as “Why do you wear so much make up?” or “How can you have so much make up on every day?” without realising that social media only gives you a one dimensional view into a person’s life. It might be that person’s job, or for the average user – a personal form of expression.

Wouldn’t it be so much more pleasant if people connected through having a genuine interest in the background story, instead of coming up with their own – assuming what they don’t know?

Salting-ly yours,
– N

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