Types of Annoying People on the Road

I am not one for honking my horn until you are rendered deaf or spewing profanities when drivers behave as if they have forgotten all forms of manners and etiquettes as soon as they

got behind the wheel, but that is not to say that I don’t get irritated. Not a single day that I am driving goes by that I am not greeted by one of these absolute morons. This post is inspired by one such particularly stressful day, where, it seemed as though the most irrational of drivers had decided to grace my path. That combined with the heinous traffic that all Dubai-Shj commuters are doomed to suffer until their last day is a sure-fire way to butcher your mood.

So without further ado, allow me to highlight the different types of annoying people that I have had the misfortune of meeting:

1) Obnoxious Overtakers: Those people who refuse to signal with their indicator that they want to come in my lane. There are those that are able to do this without causing much annoyance if they have left a significant distance when entering into my lane in a fast moving traffic situation – like on a highway. And, indicator or not, there is a special place in hell for those who casually try to enter into the lane to their right by literally trying to get the car next to it off that lane itself. That’s not even the right way of switching lanes!!

2) Tailgaters aka Road Bullies: Tell me something, how many seconds of your time are you going to save by driving so close to my car? You already know that there is a radar up ahead and everyone’s about to hear the screech of tires when you stamp down hard on your brake, because you seem to be adamant on driving solely in the fast lane to reach your destination. Like homie if you were in such a hurry, you should’ve booked yourself a damn helicopter and spared everyone the aggression.

3) Indecisive Idiots: People who switch lanes and then switch back two minutes later because they’re clearly hella confused about which lane is moving faster.

4) Jaywalkers: People who think its ok to run headlong in the middle of a road even as they see a relatively fast approaching car. And, Oh. My. God., worse, are those who decide to casually stroll across the road without even looking at where the driver’s concentration is. I have seen so many cars braking suddenly – which is dangerous for the cars behind – because they were focusing on the road ahead and did not see the slow walker.

Let me know if there’s any I missed so we can gasp at the accuracy and complain about our road miseries together!
Please be safe on the roads, ya’ll. There’s always someone that cares for you.
And do you really want to be buried in fines bigger than your bank balance? I think not. 🙂

Disclaimer: All gifs taken from http://www.reactiongifs.com/tags/


4 thoughts on “Types of Annoying People on the Road

  1. You have forgotten the most annoying drivers of the lot. Drivers who consider themselves too precious and wise to wait behind lane of cars waiting to enter a interchange. They drive in parallel lane and are determined to sneek in at bottle neck. This causes congestion in two routes. They cause real havoc.

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    1. Perhaps not the most annoying.. but yes, certainly. Especially the giant 4 wheel drivers who think they’re king so they just barge in wherever & whenever they wish. -_-

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  2. I hate drivers who “during rush hours” drive like they are taking a stroll in the park. I mean common people, don’t you have to BE somewhere?


    1. Oh my God I know right? Especially on a highway – and especially in the faster lanes. I faced some of these just today on my way back home. SIGH. :p


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