The Lessons We Neglect

There are some lessons we are taught multiple times in our lives, but we never actually learn it. Even when we think we’ve learnt it, we probably make the same mistake, just to have to be taught it all over again. I have never understood why we’re so inclined to induct the same bitterness into our life that we readily reject. Am I a slow learner? Or am I in denial, not wanting to learn? I think I’m just persistent to a foolish degree. Always hoping that, this time, I’ll change that one’s perspective. Maybe that one will at least understand where I’m coming from. If nothing else, maybe I could receive a single murmur in assent. After all, I could see your point, couldn’t I? I can understand you, and still hold my own. Why can’t you do the same? I couldn’t change your archaic thinking even if I tried, and try I do. So many times, just to be defeated yet again.

the lessons we neglect.jpgUnrealistically yours,
– N



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