REVIEW: Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki

A beautiful “family” tale encompassing a generation. Please hold on a moment before you sigh and shake your head at the word “generation” and ignore this book altogether, assuming there are

far too many characters to keep up with. After you put the book down, I promise each character will be crystal clear in your head. The author has done brilliant justice to each and it’s not confusing at all.

I absolutely love this book. The romantic plots involved are practical, but bitter sweet, indeed.
The main theme of the book is not about lying to keep up a pretence, as many might perceive. It’s actually self deception. Lying is merely the byproduct of self dece

ption, which consistently takes place throughout the book. When we lie without rhyme or reason, when it has become second nature to us, this tends to permeate through our tightly woven thread of family relationships and into

our own perspectives. Mistakenly believing it’s better to comfort with the sweetness of a lie, until one day, when the pattern of lies which has been passed down from generations becomes too much to bear for one’s integrity.

Spinning a lie was like spinning smooth threads of chocolate; it melted in the mouth sweetly and made everything so much more palatable.

A compelling plot with a satisfactory ending.

P.S: This post is dedicated to RTHijabStyles, a fellow bookworm who I think would thoroughly enjoy this book and who requested me to do a post on my favourite drama/romance novel. This is one of them. Thank you for giving me a chance to re-read this epic novel.



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