The Dramatic Tale of a Dental Extraction

My recurring tooth infection in the same place told me that the time had now come to get it extracted. The prognosis was that it was an impacted wisdom tooth and was supposedly a high-risk so I was referred to an “extremely capable” dental surgeon.

My x-rays confirmed what I already knew – that I have no space in my mouth for any further teeth to disrupt erupt in my life, nor any desire to bear the pains of an infection again. So, although I was petrified at the aftermath of an extraction, I obviously went for it because it was either pain management for the rest of my life or short-term pain in which the root of the problem would literally be taken out. (I’m speaking as if I’m from Continue reading “The Dramatic Tale of a Dental Extraction”


The Space Between Where We Are and Where We Want to be

I watched an interview of a very famous fashion designer in Pakistan, mostly due to the way the show is hosted, and not because I like the designer or his clothes. I’ve seen his personality a few times and to me, he always came off as someone I just did not like as much as he was supposedly liked within the celebrity fraternity.

After listening to his interview though – I felt like someone was lifting a mirror up to me and asking: Are you really doing enough? That man in fashion that you’ve only ever seen on tv, can you tell that he was brought up by Continue reading “The Space Between Where We Are and Where We Want to be”

Wealth (synonym: health)

This year in particular, I’ve had more severe issues with my health than I have before. Subsequently, my journey began in really understanding nutrition and my own strength. Each time I think of physical pain, I cringe. Why do people say that if you’ve gone through it enough number of times it becomes easier? I draw a blank when I try to think of how I pull through – or no, that’s not quite true. It’s sheer mental tenacity, and also God’s Will. It’s very easy to develop a tunnel vision when you’re sick – you cant focus on anything besides the pain. I remember a nurse telling me once that I can bring myself out of my own pain as long as I Continue reading “Wealth (synonym: health)”


Writing this post feels like confronting an audience of sorts, like making a shy entry into a room full of people you used to meet all the time but haven’t met in so long, that even when the time came – it felt.. awkward.

This is a silly notion after all, since this is my own platform and I’ve always written for myself. The number of people who read my blog are a handful but that is not to say that they – that you – don’t matter. And what is a blog without its readers?

All this time, I felt the reason I couldn’t write here was because I wouldn’t know how to Continue reading “Revival”

A Mental Workout (Pun Intended)

This past week, I achieved the goal I set for it. It was put on the back-burner for far too long, and recently I’ve been finding time I didn’t have previously to.. well, kind of finish up the things that have been haunting me from my to-do list for the past 6 months. Its immensely satisfying and also a sharp reminder of not committing to doing too much in a short amount of time.  Continue reading “A Mental Workout (Pun Intended)”


This space has been a gawking hole in my heart for such a long time now – I do blame the corporate world for this, however it’s also one of those things that you keep letting fester because it feels like getting back into the swing of things will be so overwhelming –  not realising it’s just going to keep getting tougher as time passes. 😦 SO. I was like. Bas. Bohot hogaya hai. Continue reading “Cake”


I clicked on the Write button on the header before my impulse to at least get a couple of words in before I really start to feel the painful hunger pangs that will push me to prepare breakfast. This impulse, just FYI, has been egged on by months of mentally pushing myself to post anything. I mean like. I love this. The act of writing to share, to understand, to release, to reflect – with the little community I’ve got on here. I don’t even have a good excuse, honestly. It is valid, sure – I let my Continue reading “Unpause”


Balance has never been my strong suit. It is something I feel I’ll be chasing my entire life – but sometimes I wonder, am I really setting out to achieve the achievable? Do people really ever live a balanced (mental) lifestyle? Or is this a mere illusion, more for your sake than mine, to make yourself feel like you really have got everything put together? Continue reading “Immersion”

Close Calls

Wisdom dictates you’re aware of how you’re going to conduct yourself the tenth time ‘round something happens. How many times are you going to have to make the same mistake for you to understand that that is not the way to go? How many close calls is it going to take? Continue reading “Close Calls”

The Calm before the Storm

Whoever came up with the above phrase was quite right. There’s always a calm before a storm. Knowing this makes me feel ominous – as though on edge, waiting for the next storm to attack. And when it does arrive, we enjoy saying that Continue reading “The Calm before the Storm”